Pommeau de Normandie
The fruit, the roundness, the femininity
Comte Louis de Lauriston
Did you know the history of Pommeau de Normandie ?

Due to French legislation  which protected wine products, Pommeau de Normandie was barred from the market place for a long time. Yet it has been made in Normandy farms ever since, it wasn't until 1986 that a first law text officialised the production and marketing of Pommeau de Normandie. The decree defines its process rules and guarantees the typicity of this aperitif. Today, Pommeau is exported in more than 20 countries.

How do we produce Pommeau de Normandie ? 

Pommeau de Normandie is a blend made of three parts of fresh cider apple juice and one part of calvados. The appellation requires a minimum ageing of 14 months in oak barrels after the blend is made. However our Pommeau de Normandie is aged from three to four years. This extra ageing enables us to obtain a better balance with no apparent alcohol. We also take particular care in the choice of the apples used so as to obtain the perfect flavour, neither too sweet no too heavy.

How to enjoy Pommeau de Normandie ?

Pommeau de Normandie should be served chilled (8°to 10°C) in a tulip glass.
Its apple aromas, fruit exuberance and moderate sweetness make it many people's favoured aperitif. Before dinner, one can have it pure or in cocktails as a long drink with Champagne or even mixed with numerous spirits.
An excellent match with many desserts, it also gives a delicious apple perfume to many dishes.
Silver Medal, Vimoutiers 2006