La Pomme Prisonnière
La Pomme Prisonnière
Comte Louis de Lauriston
How an earth can an apple get into a carafe ?

In April, apple blossom covers the trees with a pink and white mantle.

In May the embryo of the fruit takes form in the heart of the fading flower. Non-fertilized fruits abort and fall shortly after flowering. Only 5% of fruit embryos become apples. If one waits for the aborted fruits to fall before placing the carafes over the young apples there is a risk that the neck will be too narrow. Placing the carafes too early is doomed to failure ! The difficulty consists in determining the accurate time for the flask to be attached to the branch so that the little apple can grow inside it during the summer.

In late September, the carafe is detached from the tree : it is carefully cleaned and filled with Calvados Comte Louis de Lauriston. During the long months of maceration, the flavours of the apple blend with those of the Calvados. Despite a failure rate that is high, we can offer a limited number of "Pomme Prisonnière" for sale. To preserve "Pomme Prisonnière" in its full glory, all one has to do is to keep the apple topped with Calvados Comte Louis de Lauriston!